Why dispense Drinks?

A 330ml mixer in a can will cost you around 30p. Compare this with the less than 10p cost for the 330ml pour from a postmix gun. It’s a very impressive cost saving, impacting significantly on the bottom line profit of your venue and it’s a compelling reason to consider switching from your current system.

Per glass pricing is also affected by the cost of storing large quantities of cans or bottles  behind the bar and in storage. These are intangible costs but very real… and then there is the cost of having to bin or recycle cans and plastic bottles. Our postmix solutions eliminate these hidden costs completely. 

Thirstee syrup in boxes take up very little room and the equipment can be set up on a very small footprint.
Opened bottled mixes are always down on fizz giving your customers an inferior taste experience and often what is left in the bottle goes to waste. Crack the cap at ambient temperature and most of the carbonation in the bottled drink will escape and the rest will leave as you pour it over the ice. If it’s a plastic PET bottle the carbonation starts escaping as soon as it is packed and stored, even before you buy it. 

Our postmix provides maximum fizz and high quality taste. Each drink is freshly made in the glass.

The concentration of our syrups provides significant cost savings per bag purchased, with further cost savings for high volume and association customers.

“Take a look at the real costs of your current mixer delivery system. If you are not using our products or are continuing with canned or bottled mixes, you are probably paying too much”, says Tony of “Great cost savings, and a quality customer taste experience, makes the decision to switch to our postmix easy”.


What do we Do? has a great selection of name brand bag-in-box fountain syrups, bar mixes and juices. We also offer our great tasting, house branded syrups, at a fraction of the cost which helps put more profits into your pockets.

All our syrups are available for delivery to our regular customers on a weekly, bi-weekly or every 4-week schedule. We work closely with you to manage your ordering and our friendly sales team are just a call away for any emergencies.


Products We Sell...


Premium Range


Diet Pepsi

Pepsi Max

R Whites Lemonade


Diet Tango


Standard Range

Ginger Beer
Ginger Ale
Sugar-free Cola
Sugar-free Lemonade
Sparkling Orange
Lemon, Lime & Bitters
Lemon & Mineral (L&M)



Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice 
Apple Juice
Lime, Orange & Blackcurrant Cordials

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